Control your TV using your iPhone and Siri

I had some more fun coding the siriproxy dreambox plugin.

– start tv
– set tv to standby
– search for a program of find out when it will air
– set a timer to record the program
– get information about whats airing without viewing
– get information about the next broadcast on a channel
– next channel in list
– previous channel in list
– find out how long a program is still on
– find out when a program will start
– search for a program name and automatically switch to correct
channel if airing

Lots more to come.. I’m having lot’s of fun with this.
This plugin will be published on githu as soon as I think its ready.
Let me know what you think and follow me on twitter @ninja98.

Thanks to @plamoni on twitter for building and releasing SiriProxy.
and thanks to Apple for releasing Siri.

Note: If it was not yet clear yet, you do need An Enigma2 compatible dreambox or dreambox clone.

Update – 29-12-2011
The plugin code is now available:


Let me know what you think!

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